QAMeleon project partner Nokia Bell Labs at ECOC21

Nokia Bell Labs kicked off ECOC Conference with a keynote from their EVP, optical system & device research lab, Theodore (Tod) Sizer on September 13, 17:30 PM.

Also, Nokia Bell Labs awarded five postdeadline papers at ECOC_Conference!

🏆 14:00 CET, ROOM C1
“140G/70G Direct Detection PON with >37 dB Power Budget and 40-km Reach Enabled by Colorless Phase Retrieval Full Field Recovery.”
– Presented by Haoshuo Chen.

🏆 14:15 CET, ROOM C1
“36-THz Bandwidth Wavelength Selective Switch.”
– Presented by Nicolas Fontaine.

🏆 14:30 CET, ROOM C1
“Plasmonic-MZM-based Short-Reach Transmission up to 10 km Supporting >304 GBd Polybinary or 432 Gbit/s PAM-8 Signaling.”
– Presented by Qian HU.

🏆 14:45 CET, ROOM C2
“10-Mode-Multiplexed Transmitter Employing 2-D VCSEL Matrix.”
– Presented by Haoshuo Chen.

🏆 15:15 CET, ROOM C2
“Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling up to 300-GBd PAM-4 and 570-GBd OOK Suitable for Co-Packaged Optics.”
– Presented by Di Che.

➡️ You may download the papers at  🔗